VIDEO: Call of Duty “Ghosts” premiered with the Xbox One!

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Call of Duty Ghosts was revealed today at the Xbox One announcement. Here are the details we learned about it and and the premiere video of the game!

Call of Duty and Activision didn’t want to do safe thing but develop entire new CoD game for the next generation.  They have created a new world and a new narrative on the nextgen Call of Duty Engine!

This engine allows for amazing graphic fidelity.

The world of Ghosts starts first with a story created by Steven Gaghan who wrote traffic and Syriana.  He wanted to create more emotional reality within the game. A world where the last remnants of the the US Military Special forces are fighting against overpowering enemies who have destroyed  and invaded.  America crippled,  with forces outnumbered. The remnants of the special forces fighting to the last man and dog. after the fall of their military brethren.

Some New games design features are:

Lean feature


Fluid dynamics

AI system… surrounds adjust to you!

Self casting shadows, cuts bruises textures. Even the dogs are full real scans.

Multi… dynamic maps… trees falling logs rolling… character customization gear face etc.
Infinity Ward.  We focus on Gameplay and a great feeling game!”

We at #GSEG are seriously stoked for what is to come in the FPS world and cant wait to take #GetSome Elite Gaming to the next level on the Xbox One and Call of Duty: Ghosts!

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