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The first installment of Ghosts Expansion Pack is here.  Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC 1 Onslaught hits XBOX on January 28th.  With the traditional four map pack, Extinction Episode one: Nightfall and the Maverick Assault Rifle and Sniper Rifle, you will have a plethora of new content to feast upon.  let’s break it down:

Mulitplayer Maps-

Fog: Classified-  this medium sized map is a dark and haunted looking cam area that appears to be near a body of water. Filed with narrow corridors, caves and passageways you will weave your way through the abandoned buildings that offer various type of warfare from running, gunning and sniping depending on your location. The key to this map is fog.  Shoot first if it moves.

Bayview: California- This boardwalk map looks like something taken straight out of San Francisco. This bright sunny daylight map filled with a variety of small structures, a lighthouse and even a trolley bus will give you a fun filled challenge that has great positioning for sentries and other defensive kill streaks.

Containment: Mexico- Welcome to south of the border where you will be battling through a war ravaged village.  Anchored by a bridge with a broke down truck spewing radioactive material, you’ll be fighting hand to hand in the closest of ways and you search for the few decent vantage points and rooftops to open up your mid to long range arsenals.

Ignition: USA-  The gamer favorite map Scrapyard, from Modern Warfare 2, is re imagined as we are introduced to the aging space launch facility known to us at Ignition.  Filled with rockets crashing into the battlefield and various debris and fuselages available for cover, there will be two different rocket engine blasting jets that put out fire and bbq your enemies if they are caught in the “Danger Zone.”

Extinction Episode 1: Nightfall

The first in a four part series, Nightfall takes us to a remote facility in Alaska forest and wilderness as we enter the Nightfall Program research area. Investigating the alien threat, control is lost of the facility and your team of soldiers must collect intel while fending off the hordes and the horror beast that are yet unknown. Its frantic, intense and will take all you have to survive.

Maverick Assault Rifle & Sniper Rifle

This new weapon looks to be a dual threat combo rifle that brings and assault rifle capability mixed with the sniper functionality which we are convinced, here at #GSEG, will be a perfect weapon for the mobile non camping sniper in the Ghost environment.  Look for a deeper breakdown as we uncover all that this bad girl has to offer.

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