Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer World Premiere

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Activision announces that they are excited for the new generation of hardware.  Gaming has changed in the platforms.  Smartphones, Youtube and livestreaming has changed the console.

A lot has changed since the current platforms started.  Call of Duty has lasted.  100 million have played it.  40 million this month and 10 million today.

Why is COD successful?  Unlocking the inner soldier in all of us, the graphics, Frame rate, visual feel, technology… but at the end of the day none of that matters without the core ingredient of a Call of Duty Game.  FUN! COD brings the adrenalized competitive fun.

-Eminem featured new song  “Survival”.  Fighting back.  Eminem is collaborating with COD Ghosts!

-20000 thousand character combinations for customization

-World shits between your feet.

-Maps move and change.  Not just memorize them but understanding what can happen.

-7 new game modes

-30 new weapons and a new weapon class

-New coop mode

-Next gen engine is best looking game

-COD anywhere with you on your mobile devices

-Your prestige runs on all consoles

-Xbox360 levels and accomplishments goes from 360 to Xbox One

-New cod elite

-Mobile meta game Clan Wars

-Big all-inclusive COD experience 60fps on all platforms

-Infinity Ward Created COD and takes it to the next level

-Everything was redone for Ghosts. This is the biggest overhaul of multiplayer.



-Create a class most flexible and comprehensible character customization

-You customize your soldier.

-Pick the full body and head.

-You can be a female!

-New weapons 30 new weapons 80% overhaul from Modern Warfare 3

-New weapon class called marksman rifles Scoped semi auto rifles and single shot rifles like the M1 and the Tar.

-New scopes dual render technology.  See your target but also se peripherals.

-Greater control in customizing your load out.  Similar pick 10 system. You have a budget for what you can build out with set point values.

-Look and play how you want

-20 new Killstreaks

-Vulture, Juggernaut,  Riley the dog, etc

-Riley UAV growls when enemies are near

-You earn killstreaks through kills and goals

-Killstreak packages are back

-Reducing the number of air based kill streaks

-UAV is a ground based device called SATCOM on the ground

-No more death streak!

-Squad points unlocked in the order you want for weapon unlock

-Squad of 10 soldiers

-You keep and customize all ten and prestige them



-Countdown clock you have to kill and get them under the time or you blow up

-Search and rescue you are revivable as opposed to search and destroy

-If your team pulls your tag they revive you and if the enemy gets it you are out.

-10 soldier squad game mode Squads

-Solo, coop, competitive:  XP counts to multiplayer

-AI is so similar to real players and you gain XP playing them.

-They will mimic humans and playing style.

-You designate your squad as to what they are playing… sniper etc.

-Modes- squad vs. squad, Wargame 5v. 5 against cpu teams, 4 player coop mode survival style, squad assault, coop against offline squads built by others.


-You can blow up buildings, open up holes in walls to shoot through.  That landscape is adjustable.

-The new dynamic tech allows a new level of immersion.  From graphics to animation to audio is the most advanced game and new world.

-The feel and controls and attention to detail are even better with the way you move through the world. All new ways to engage in combat.  Lean around optionals.  New mantling system allows you to jump and run without losing momentum, knee slide, enhancing your experience.


-New sound will help you feel connected to your environment through audio with reverb realistic algorithm that changes as you move depending on where you are.

-They have upgraded the locational battle chatter.  Your team warns you and when they spot enemies near landmarks.

-Reactive emitters that react to explosions all over the maps due to shock waves

-Ghosts continues to support competitive gaming, COD champs returns.  Ghosts is the MLG  flagship game.

-Strikezone map is a war torn stadium with stairs and levels.

-Elite: 20 million on it. Allows you to play on 360 or One with your soldiers, prestige, weapons, xp,build outs.  App has all the things you have love about elite.  App launches this fall with new pre-match and second screen abilities.  Use your device while you play.

-ROBUST CLAN SUPPORT!  All clan management is available in game and on the app. Social clan chat.  More of a social network.  Rally up allows you to notify them. Emblem editor in app for clan.  More ways to contribute to your clan.  Clan vs. Clan play lists!  Each time your clan levels there are more rewards for clans than ever!

-Robust clan support on both generations and clan can work on both!

Clan wars , fight against different clans you are matched against.  Work together to hold territories.  Your clan vs. all the others when you hold territories.  The more you win the more territories.  Rewards for accomplishments. Ongoing battle for the whole year!

Announced the Call of Duty Endowment fund…. $4.99 dog tags 100% of profits go to help vets find quality jobs.

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