Call of Duty Elite Shutdown: Turns Out the Lights

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT March 3, 2014 in GhostsInfinity Ward, Modern Warfare 3, Playstation 4, The #GSEG Clan, Treyarch, Xbox 360, Xbox One,
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With the heightened anticipation of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 the COD world was hit with a double whammy as the Call of Duty Elite Social and Clan Platform preempted its arrival. This new arrival allowed huge advancement in statistical breakdowns of everything involved in your multi-player gaming ability.  Allowing you to evaluate not only your play but also the weaponry, perks and other customization’s to better understand and improve.  Along with that Elite gave way to Clans and the benefits of working together for Clan benefit with XP and other perks that helped keep the COD players involved on a daily basis.  Elite rose with great excitement during the Modern Warfare 3 era and with the goals achieved and pushed forward by Infinity Ward, the torch was handed to Call of Duty: black Ops 2 and the Vonderhaar era began.

From the start Black Ops 2 did not embrace the community and delayed any Elite interaction with their game.  They manipulated the set Clan Tags and forced clans to re-identified themselves.  When they finally got around to clan ops and any motivation they had already lost the clans and groups and that combined with the failure of the Black Ops 2 game due to hacking and poor monitoring of bots and lag switchers.  Unable to control the hackers Black Ops 2 killed clans and pushed a large group of dedicated COD fans to leave the franchise and gaming as a whole. Thus the end of Elite transpired.

Now we say good bye to a good idea that, for a year, was able to increase gaming and users interaction during the MW3 phase.  #GetSome Elite Gamers tips our hats to the creators of elite and those that maintained it during those good years and bad.  We look forward to what comes next for COD and are hoping that with the new platforms we will see new innovation for the gaming community.

Goodnight sweet Elite.  We barely knew you.

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