Breaking News: Black Ops II Competitions for Call of Duty

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Read below to find out about the latest clan action for Black Ops 2!


Competitions for Call of Duty: Black Ops II are now live and awaiting your enlistment!

Competitions range from direct score comparisons against other Call of Duty® Elite clans as well as statistical milestones across a variety of game modes. Depending on your performance, your clan will be awarded both Clan XP and unique Elite digital badges to show off in your Clan Showcase.

How Do I Enlist?

First off, you need to be in a clan. If you haven’t already joined, head to our Clan HQ page to join or create a clan at any time. Helpful features like Suggested Clans or Your Friends’ Clans make the searching process simple and fast.

Once you’re in a clan, head to the competitions page for a list of Featured, In Progress and Upcoming competitions. You’ll see Black Ops II competitions alongside Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare 3 competitions, as well as details on the mode, competition type and start time. To enlist, click the Enlist Now! button at any time before the competition begins.

More to Come

We’re initially releasing a small number of Black Ops II competitions, but will soon be expanding the options over the coming weeks. Check back soon to enlist in even more!

Mobile and Console Support Coming Soon!

Black Ops II competition enlistments are currently supported only via our web service, but we’re working hard to bring the feature to mobile and console as well. We’ll be back with an update when they’re on the way.

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