Black Ops 2 – Xbox 360 Update Now Live!

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT November 21, 2012 in Blackops 2Game Reviews, Xbox,
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The latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 update for the Xbox 360 has been recently released by Treyarch and is now available to download for those awaiting fixes to a number of issues encountered within the game. No patch notes concerning this have been released yet, but we have an insider that informed us that it will be addressing problems with the Theater Mode error and Scorestreak glitches.

You should expect that plenty of the issues that have been brought up in the last couple weeks have been given some much needed attention and CVG highlights some that they expect to be fixed in this update. The Theater Mode UI error has been mentioned as one of the main problems along with a Dragonfire glitch, which puts a halt on deploying the Scorestreak, as well as an Escort Drone glitch and this is involves the Scorestreak attacking the owner while under the map.

Apparently there are still some that are unable to download this patch at the moment, and design director David Vonderhaar has informed fans via twitter “others may have to wait a short while”, as they are usually staggered over a few hours, so those concerned will have to be patient, it will come eventually. Additionally, Treyarch are aware of a Care Package glitch that gamers have said affects the Scorestreak bouncing out of the map after falling to the ground, and they are working to address this situation.

Will they ever fix the simple problem of using special characters with Elite Clan Tags? #FingersCrossed

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