New Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 DLC – “VENGEANCE”!

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Activision and Treyarch confirmed Tuesday that Call of Duty: Black Ops II is launching its latest DLC map pack on July 2.  First on Xbox Live, with PS3 and PC versions to following at a later date. As is the traditional method.

Vengeance features four new multi-player maps and a new Zombie mode with Ray Gun Mark II that looks pretty sick!

Cove: A rocky outpost island in the Indian ocean.  There are rocks and foliage and beach jungle to plow your way through as you go head to head with your enemies. One word… run… and don’t stop.

Rush: is a battlefield set in the fun world of paintball.  This light fun setting takes place in various paintball fields.. speed ball, simulated towns… etc.  Grab your gear and see how paintball feels in the Call of Duty Universe.

Detour: This map is a multi-level bridge warfare that offers multiple weapon type areas.  We see this being a lines drawn map where breaking through may be hard. Finding the weakness and break through!

Uplink: This beauty of a map is a remake of one of our favorite Call of Duty: Black Ops maps, Summit.  They have brought it back to life much like the Firing Range/Studio revival.  Enjoy tight corridors with great indoor and outdoor battles… all laid out in the classic style that many original Black Ops  that gamer’s loved.

The Zombie map, Buried, features a face off of humans versus the Undead in a new twisted reality.  An underground wild west bonanza of carnage where the last man standing must take on the armies of death and battle throughout the mines.

As always,Vengeance will cost you 1200 Microsoft Points and is available July 2.

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