New Black Ops 2 DLC Map Pack: “Uprising”

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That’s right, the time has come for Treyarch to unload a brand DLC new map pack for all the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 gamers!  Available on Xbox live April 16!

Magma- This map brings a whole new aspect to the CoD gaming world.  Hot, burning Magma! I know I can’t wait to lunge after someone only to miss my knife and plunge into the fiery abyss.  Set in a village below the fires of the Volcano, this darker map environment should be fun for all!

Encore- An outdoor amphitheater. Are you a rock star… didn’t think so but if you like to think yourself one we won’t judge.  This map takes place in an amphitheater in with outer running corridors and a big wide open center area.  Word on the street is if you hold center stage you can control the majority of the map. So grab your nearest “Stratoblaster” and destroy all those that dare defy you as the GOD OF ROCK…ish.

Vertigo- Tacitus Corporation skyscraper that brings back that high rise feel straight from India.  One of the dangers of this map is the easy ability to create your own, “mistakes were made” situations.  This map gives a lot of multi-tiered pathways that will make for a very interactive battle!

Studio- The Hollywood back lot looks like everything and more that you could expect in what we think is a updated version of shooting range meets carnival!  There props and set designs should be a lot of fun and play a lot of tricks on gamers and they blast each other through the many different areas on the map.  We are not going to lie… this map looks sick.

Mob of the Dead- This game features a whole cast of celebrities as you battle your way through an overrun Alcatraz.  This game should be a fun alternative story and feel for those of you still battling the undead on Black Ops 2.

Be sure to you are ready for the expansion! Get your Microsoft Points today!

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Black Ops 2 “Uprising” DLC | #LegitimateUprising | #GetSome Elite Gaming

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