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That’s right gamers, it’s been announced that the new Revolution DLC Map Pack for Black Ops 2 will be released on January 29th.  Just in time for all you romantics at heart to get some serious destruction in before the Valentine’s day sapfest!

What does this new DLC entail? Treyarch is release a blitzkrieg of new content featuring:

Four new Multiplayer Maps-
Taking the fight to whole new battlefields.  Hydro takes us to the dam where you can get swept away by not only your opponents but also a wall of water. Bring your aqua socks (we all know you still got them hidden in the closet).  Battle it out in Venice blasting your way through a curvy skate park in Grind. Kick flip the hell outta your opponents! Hit the slopes on the Downhill map! Fight it out in the snow but do not get hit by a gondola cause that’s an instakill.  Finally Mirage is a sand covered Chinese desert that offers a diverse field with multilevels and caters to various styles.

A new Zombie Co-Op Map-
Die Rise is a Far East skyscraper map that brings wide open to tight area fighting.  Many places to meet your doom at the hands of these living dead!

A new Zombies Game Mode:
Turned is a new game mode for zombies where you play as the zombie and eventually catch the living thus becoming the living and then enter in to zombie survival mode!

The Peacekeeper 
is a new hybrid weapon that is a combination between the LMG and the Assault rifle.  It sounds a bit like the Stoner LMG from Black Ops. We look forward to the first ever added weapon!

All in all it looks to be a promising DLC and with it comes even more responsibility for Treyarch to take on in making the game fun for true gamers!  We are looking forward to January 29 already!

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