VIDEO: “YOUR DEAD” – Quickscope Montage

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT August 26, 2013 in Blackops 2The #GSEG Clan, Treyarch, Videos, Xbox, Xbox 360,
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YOU, the fans and the haters requested some #GSEG “Quick Scope” clips… and we ALWAYS deliver! “ipunchpenguins5” is just ONE of our BEAST’s behind a sniper rifle. “penguin” is a dedicated #GetSome Elite Gamer that straight bags bodies after bodies as you can see in this Black Ops 2 gameplay footage “YOUR DEAD”!

For all those that think they can hang… we CAN and WILL setup a 1v1 ANYTIME!!!

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“ipunchpenguins5” | QUICKSCOPE | Black Ops 2 | #GSEG

Music: Ill Bill feat Necro – “Your Dead”


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