Pure Carnage: The “DirtyMoney” Black Ops 2 LMG Build-Out

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT March 4, 2013 in Blackops 2Game Strategy, The #GSEG Clan, Xbox, Xbox 360,
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Pure Carnage: The “DirtyMoney” LMG Black Ops 2 Build-out

Gun: LSAT with Primary Gunfighter

FMJ(Full Metal Jacket): Nothing more disappointing when you are hiding safely behind a wall only to find yourself shot through because this gamer was using Full Metal Jacket.  The FMJ is destruction personified when you are holding the line, hunting snipers or dispersing sneaky campers.  Blast through walls, fences and barrels and drop those who dare hide away.

Fore Grip: It works just about as well as it sounds.  Steadies your gun cause nobody wants a bouncy barrel right?  That’s all you need know.

Target Finder: Light it up.  Yeah, I know, you hate that I can see you and that this bad boy lights ups when you are sneakily trying to snipe me.  Deal with it.  I use this with LMG’s because it is a liability at close range.  This is great for mowing spawning crowds and picking snipers off out of the wood work.

Score Streaks

This is my perfect bulk kill setup. On the low end this build nets me between 7-20 kills per completion of all three.  Don’t forget to run Hardline!

Hellstorm Missile(1-5 kills): I drop the Hellstorm right after the Lighting Strike to catch the enemy bunched after respawning.

Lightning Strike(3-5 kills): I generally fire this off quickly before I get a sentry gun.  Catching anywhere from 3-5 enemies at a time it’s a perfect setup for the Hellstorm.

Sentry Gun(3-10 kills): You know what this bad boy does.  Shuts down a whole side of the map.  I usually drop a bouncing betty nearby to help protect it.  I then move to another choke point if I feel the Sentry is safe and attempt to pin them down and start the streaks all over again.

Check out a few of the #GSEG videos I am featured in using the LSAT going BALLS OUT!!! #GetSome “all day… every day”

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