VIDEO: “to catch a lagger” – Black Ops 2

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT March 7, 2013 in Blackops 2Cheaters, Gaming "FAILS", Treyarch, Videos, Xbox, Xbox 360,
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Check out the recent Black Ops 2 gameplay we encountered on Hijacked. The game was SUPER laggy! As always there are a few of the “GSEG” members that always have our HD capture cards recording. Turns out that this scumbag “ArmedAndReady14” (his Xbox Live Gamertag) was working a lag switch with no shame. It’s unbelievable how obvious he was being!

The proof is in the video: “ArmedAndReady14” is a cheating, lag switching lowlife! REPORT HIM! The only way gameplay is every going to get better is if we take the time to report nut sacks like this that make gameplay unbearable! It’s not like David Vonderhaar or the Treyarch staff is going to do anything about it!

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Black Ops 2 | “to catch a lagger” | Report “ArmedAndReady14”

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