“Battlefield 4” Release Date Outed!

POSTED BY GSEG GhOsT March 25, 2013 in Battlefield 4Game Reviews, Xbox, Xbox 360,
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Alright soldiers… the ranks are forming and it’s time to dust off that copy of Battlefield 3 and get used to the feel  the gun style and weapons play as well and all  the different  mobility controls as you prep for the great revelation of BATTLEFIELD 4.

Word on the street from very reliable sources is that we will be having a game reveal in a matter of days and a the game available in Fall 2013! A Snippet from a Vine release teased the masses with several up close images of tank tred and metal and a date of 3-27 scrawled out.  That’s enough to get the GSEG battle fielders hot and bothered.  From this point on expect not just Call Of Duty info but Battlefield 4 as well.  Our hopes for this game is that it will continue to build on the Technology that they have in place and take first person shooters to the next level.

We are in a dark time with bots and lag switches ruining skilled games from late night pound it out sessions with your bro’s and gals, to MLG Competitive players honing their skills.  We are all affected and really in the Dark Age of FPS.  Can Battlefield 4 answer the call of gamers…?

Our “SOURCE” even said that those who pre-order can receive a pair of dog tags!!! #LegitimateRelease

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Battlefield 4 | Release Date Outed | #GetSome Elite Gaming

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