AN-94 Assault Rifle – Black Ops 2 Preview

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Fully automatic assault rifle. The first 2 rounds of each burst are fired at a faster rate.

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AN-94 Assault Rifle | Black Ops 2

Rate of Fire: The real world weapon that this is modeled after fires the first two rounds at 1,800 RPM and then cycles down to 600 RPM. This could be a devastating advantage for user controlled burst fire.

Recoil: Given that this appears to be the replacement for the AK line of weapons and it has a low accuracy rating, the recoil will probably be moderately higher than other assault rifles.

Damage: The AN-94 should have a base damage of about 43, dropping to 32 at range. This is a relatively high damage rating, and combined with the unique rate of fire and a decent range, this weapon could be very deadly in the right hands.

Range: The range on the AN-94 is about average for assault rifles, and on most maps shouldn’t hinder its performance.

Accuracy: This is probably not a weapon you are going to want to hip fire. The poor accuracy combined with the unique rate of fire make this weapon best at controlled mid to long range shots.

Magazine Size: The AN-94 will most likely have a standard 30 round magazine and a 45 round extended mag.

Reload Speed: The reload time will probably be similar to previous AK assault rifles, around 2.5 seconds.

Usage and Notes: On the surface, the AN-94 just looks like an AK-47 replacement, but the unique rate of fire could make this an interesting weapon. It is unclear which weapons can use the select fire attachment, but you will definitely want to burst fire this gun for maximum results.

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