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#GetSome Elite Gaming is proud to support eSports, especially focusing on the FPS communities. This December the Call of Duty World League is about to kick off with many teams will competing for a spot in the coveted league. Tommy “Legend” Bennett is the Captain of Team Hydra, and will be heading the MLG Vegas this December for the qualifier. We love the determination and grind we’ve seen and wanted to share a bit more about Legend in our latest Q&A!

Favorite Call of Duty Game?
Black Ops 2 for sure! I could enjoy that game hours on end. Pubs or competitively.

How did you first get into Call of Duty Competitive scene?
Well I’ve always dibble dabbled with CoD Competitive. I started playing CoD4 GB’s with my in real life friends in CoD4. Moved on to pub clans for a little in MW2 then started up the GB scene again. In Black Ops 1 I grinded out variant GBs for the entirety of the game since I wanted to get back into Competitive, then MW3 came out and I did not like it at all for Comp so I stayed away. Then in Black Ops 2 is when I really decided to take it seriously and I moved up pretty quickly from my raw talent that I possessed. From then on I have stayed in/around the scene.

What teams have you played for in the past?
Since I’ve only taken Comp seriously since BO2 I will only name the teams from then. I played for Clockwork, Dare/vVv, Denial, SiN, veX, vQ, Orbit, FeaR, and now I’m the Captain of Hydra.

You left the scene for a bit. What reignited the fire to play again at this level?
I’ve told a few people in the community that I’m close to that the biggest reason why I left the community was because of my internet issues that I had in my previous living situations. Now, since then I have moved, I can clearly tell the difference online with my new internet. The fire was ignited again though when I sat idly by watching all of my “friends” from gaming previously rise up throughout Black Ops3/AW and decided it was my time to rise up like they did. I love the competition and I can’t stay away from it too long. It’s my addiction.

When did you start your grind to prep for this upcoming season?
Since I quit for awhile I’ve been prepping ever since I announced my return back in August. I had to get a new controller, new monitor, new headset, etc. (the essentials). I had to work on my aim and the movement again since these are newer games with advanced movement systems. My team now though is very well rounded and we help each other out with what we need to fix. We’re scrimming everyday to make sure we know the game like the backside of our hands.

What does your daily routine of scrims and practice look like? What does it take gel as a team?
Usually everyday we scrim for about 4 hours a day and then play Wagers on UMG to work on our SnD as a team. To gel as a team it does take a bit of effort to get that going. You have to be comfortable with your teammates personally and to make sure you get along well with them. If someone doesn’t like one person on the team there is going to be a black area in the team and it won’t be successful. Everyone has to get along and trust each other to have a successful team going forward.

Why Hydra Gaming as your Org? After announcing your squad, I’m sure there were options, even going it without an org. What drew you in to Hydra?
To be honest, I like the name and their logo. That is one of my biggest attractions when I’m looking into organizations to represent. I need to plan it out and ask myself “Will I still like this name/logo in a year?”. Simple is better and that’s what I look for.

With a lot of the early negativity towards this game and the yearning by most COD pros for a boots on the ground game, you’ve been positive towards Infinite Warfare. What positives do you feel this game brings on a competitive level?
I don’t understand all of the hate towards this game at all besides that we have to play with Jetpacks/Wallruns again for a year. This game requires a lot of in game small talk and communication. There’s also not as much aim assist which means you need pretty good aim to get some shots off. People in the beginning of the game were complaining that the spawns are garbage which I don’t see at all besides maybe like 3 hills on all of the maps combined. They believe the spawns are bad because they are running around with their heads cut-off expecting to get rewarded like you did in Black Ops 3 which is just wrong. I said from the beginning that you need to play HP in this game like BO2 and it’s still paying out as we’re barely losing and HPs as a team thus far.

If you could make any additions or changes to the game to better the competitive aspect what would they be?
I don’t like how the bullets ricochet on the energy weapons but in the Multiplayer live stream today by IW they addressed that they would be taking that out in the eSports rules. Also a few spawns need to be adjusted on like 3 hills throughout the maps of HP, but IW addressed that as well.

Will you be at MLG Vegas? What is the Hydra team expectations?
We will be in Vegas and I’m so happy to be attending events again! Our expectations are t12 or better. Anything less than that will be looked as a failure and we will have to look at what we did wrong so we can improve.

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